What is perfmon.exe and why it cause high cpu on your pc ?


On a Windows Vista or Windows 7 , you click the Resource Monitor button. Then, the Performance Monitor (Perfmon.exe) process may continuously start and stop. Additionally, Windows Vista may stop responding.

Note You click the Resource Monitor button to display the utilization details for the CPU, for memory, for the disk, and for the network.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  • You log on to a Windows Vista-based computer by using an account that has administrator credentials.
  • You disable the User Account Control (UAC) feature.
  • You log on to the Windows Vista-based computer on which UAC has been disabled. Additionally, you use an account that does not have administrator credentials.
  • On the Performance tab of the Windows Task Manager dialog box, you click the Resource Monitor button.


PerfMon is a Performance Monitor application that will cause high CPU utilization.

To check if there is a scheduled PerfMon task

Click Start

type Perfmon in the search box

Select PerfMon

Expand Data Collector Sets

Expand User Defined

If there is a data Collection Set in the User Defined

Check the properties of it to see when it’s scheduled


This problem occurs because Perfmon.exe uses the ShellExecuteEx function. However, the ShellExecuteExfunction cannot use the Runas command correctly if the UAC feature is disabled.
What is perfmon.exe and why it cause high cpu on your pc ?
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