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Horsecraft is an adventure-filled survival game that takes you to the prairies. Besides riding horses and trying to survive by using things you get hold of, you can even build anything, such as a farm, without much external help.
Build your big Dream on this beautifull Crafting Game. You can make many Buildings, City, Farm or what ever you want. Get Hunt or Fish. Discover many new places, build your own mine or explore huge Mountains. Have much fun!!!
Download Horse Craft apk for Android

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Animals Galore

Horsecraft is a game where you have to come across a range of animals. There are cats, rabbits, wolves, horses, cows, pigs, and sheep, among others. These animals would come in handy when building things. Besides animals, you’ll also have to find gold, diamonds, stones, wood, raw materials, and anything that you can find to create structures. You’ll also come across unique items, such as a deadly sword, lightning fast bow etc. and build a house, farm, village, or even a big city using them. There is a lot more to locate and explore and the game becomes more interesting during survival mode. In this, you would be all by yourself and creating things single-handedly.


Fun Quests

To keep the game moving forward, you’ll have to complete interesting quests and constantly upgrade your animal so that it is better equipped to take up new challenges. The new challenges would come your way as you explore the blocky areas and keep crafting. For your survival, it’s important you have a horse herd. To build that herd, you must let your animal mate so that it could make new blocky horses for you.

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Download Horse Craft apk for Android
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