Download Remote Desktop Connection Manager for Windows, iOS & Mac

Remote Desktop Connection Manager helps you remotely connect to desktop computers, mobile devices, and IoT devices from anywhere at any time.

Download Remote Desktop Connection Manager for Windows, iOS & Mac

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Features and Highlights of Remote Desktop Connection Manager

Remote Connection Management

The beauty of Remote Desktop Manager is that you can easily configure multiple remote connections that are securely shared between users in a centralized repository, allowing you to launch them simultaneously and to quickly switch between machines. Remote Desktop Manager also includes a secure password vault useful for saving credentials and speeding up the connection process with credential injection.

Password Management

Remote Desktop Manager uses its powerful capabilities to store and manage all passwords, credentials and privileged accounts in a safe and secure password vault, providing incomparable control and visibility over your IT environment.

Secure Access to Critical Assets

Based on the principles of a role-based access control and least privileges, it is critical to securely and centrally control and manage access to privileged accounts and critical assets by provisioning password access to users.

IT Team Solution

While using the strongest authentication available may be the most secure option, this could result in significant cost. SMBs and IT departments should focus on continuous improvement to manage risk at a reasonable price. Remote Desktop Manager offers features that are team oriented at a low cost.

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Download Remote Desktop Connection Manager for Windows, iOS & Mac
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