How do I reinstall WLDCore.dll ?

How do I reinstall WLDCore.dll ?

How do I reinstall WLDCoredll

Method 1 :

I uninstalled Windows Essentials so that I could reinstall it.  It is the reinstall that created the problem..After the reinstall I got the error message that ‘WLDCore.dll was missing and Windows Live Mail cannot function without it.  I have reinstalled Windows Essentials several times to try to install WLDCore.dll with no success…I still get the same error message.  I cannot uninstall and reinstall because Window Essentials is NOT there to uninstall.  I have tried to install ‘WLDCore.dll’ from the internet with NO success.This is not a ‘Live Messenger’ issue…I am trying to get my email service back with Windows Essentials… Any help you can give me will be appreciated…

Method 2 :

This error is related to Windows Live Messenger. Uninstall and reinstall Windows Live Messenger and check if it fixes the problem.

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How do I reinstall WLDCore.dll ?
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