How to get Microsoft Rewards points

Bing Rewards is now Microsoft Rewards. If you were a Bing Rewards member, your account transitioned automatically to the new program and your credits have been converted into points. One credit in Bing Rewards is equivalent to 10 points in Microsoft Rewards.

How to get Microsoft Rewards points

There are thousands of Rewards available to you – from films, to apps, to sweepstakes and more – all from Microsoft. Once you have enough points to snag what you want, each of those eligible rewards will light up for redemption on your Rewards page. Just select Redeem and follow the steps. Browse the Redeem page anytime you’re feeling spendy.

Save up for a big item, spend your points on smaller rewards along the way – however you want to redeem your points, we’re with you. We’ll track your point progress, so you can keep earning and spending without counting on your fingers.

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How to get Microsoft Rewards points
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