How to Make Your Android Phone Faster

We all remember that incredible moment when we first unbox our phones. They’re so sleek, shiny, and fast! Then it seems like before you know it, they are super slow.

What gives? Aren’t our phones now basically supercomputers compared to what we used 10-15 years ago?

Absolutely. While your phone will slow over time, we’re talking about years. Usually, it’s a few small issues that are slowing you down. So instead of throwing your phone against the wall, try out these quick tips that can boost your speed to where it should be right away.

How to Make Your Android Phone Faster

1. Updates Are Important 

Every time you update, it’s like a soft reset that knocks everything back into place. Also, updates generally contain bug fixes and improvements that will improve device functionality.

The same logic applies to both operating system updates and apps. You generally want to do so often. However, as your phone ages, you should be careful about significant installs. After a few years, your phone may not be as well equipped to handle the latest operating system, meaning you may want to think twice about that update.

2. Get a VPN 

VPNs or virtual private networks are well-known cybersecurity tools that improve your internet experience’s privacy and security. Basically, they make everything you do online much safer.

Let that sink in for a moment. A VPN is a great way to protect against malware and hackers—two things that definitely will slow down your phone. This alone makes this tool vital.

But VPNs have a few other tricks up their sleeve. To start, you can use them to overcome latency issues by choosing servers close to where you’re gaming or streaming from. You can also use VPNs to overcome ISP throttling.

That’s why they’re just one of those things you’ll want to have installed and enabled on all your devices.

3. Clear Unused Apps and Cached Data 

The more stuff you have on your phone, the more likely it is to slow down. If there are apps you haven’t used for 3+ months, it’s time to delete them.

Likewise, cached data that can improve some apps’ speed is often tied to slowing down overall phone performance. This is especially bad if you have a bunch of it lying around apps you don’t even use!

How to clear cache data depends specifically on your phone model, but you usually find it in settings inside individual apps.

4. Check Your Power Use Settings 

These days, Android has all kinds of ways it can save battery life. But usually, this comes at the expense of performance.

While you likely know about battery saver modes, other settings can be switched on that favored trading off extended battery life performance.

Since most of us are stuck around the house anyway nowadays, flip that switch back in the right direction. You can also use overclocking apps to do this to enhance performance. You’ll be thankful immediately!

5. Consider Resetting Your Phone 

Thanks to cloud backups, this is actually less scary than it sounds. In the past, a reset meant losing everything, including photos and videos. Now, however, resets are much less risky if you are routinely back up to the cloud.

But similar to updating your phone, they also knock out all the junk and give you a fresh start. That’s why it’s a good idea to do this once a year.

Just take a little time to review what you have in the cloud—this no reason to simply reinstall all the apps and potential malware that was already causing your problems. Likewise, keep most media that you don’t access daily in the cloud.

FYI: Don’t Root Your Phone or Get To Techie

There are some other ways that gurus claim you can speed up your phone. If you have the tech chops, then go right ahead. But don’t try a technique like rooting without knowing what you’re doing.

While rooting can improve your phone speed if done correctly, you can also slow it down or do a ton of damage if you make a mistake. Do yourself a favor and leave complicated steps like these for the pros.

Speed Up Your Android Phone Now

We all want to enjoy a smooth and seamless Android. Fortunately, all of these tips will help you easily and quickly speed up your phone. Just make sure you do them somewhat often as the junk piles up quickly.

By following these tips every 1-3 months, you’ll ensure you always have the speediest experience possible.

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