What is Akamai NetSession Client ?

What is Akamai NetSession Client ?

The Akamai NetSession Interface is a secure application that may be installed on your computer to improve the speed, reliability, and efficiency for downloads and streams from the Internet. It is used by many software and media publishers to deliver files or streams to you.

What is Akamai NetSession Client

“The information that Akamai does capture is similar to a web server and that information is utilized for troubleshooting and network performance monitoring only.”  That means that NetSession continually sends information about your computer to Akamai.
They say that NetSession will only use your computer when it is “idle or utilizing minimal network resources.”  That means that NetSession is constantly monitoring your network use, and sending that information to Akamai.  And since bandwidth usage varies from second to second, that info must be sent up to Akamai a lot.  Wait a minute, didn’t they just say they only captured the sort of info that web servers capture?  Web servers don’t capture info on bandwidth use.  What other information does Akamai capture?  I could not find any specifics on their site.
So if you install NetSession, you will be joining a peer-to-peer network, and allowing Akamai to deliver files from your computer at times when Akamai deems you to be utilizing your bandwidth minimally.
I also have a security concern about the files I am receiving from NetSession.  It seems like it would not be difficult to download a file using NetSession, modify it to carry a virus payload, and then leave that computer idle, and wait for NetSession to transmit the infected file to other NetSession users.  I would hope that Akamai has taken steps to address this concern, but I can’t find any information on that.

How can I see what it does and control its activity?

NetSession provides a console that gives you the ability to review your NetSession activity and manage settings.

  • On Windows, open your Windows Control Panel, then click the icon or link to the Akamai NetSession Interface Control Panel.
  • On Mac OS X, the Akamai extension icon is found under Other –> Akamai on the System Preferences pane.

Does NetSession harm my computer or violate my privacy? (Is it malware?)

No. The NetSession Interface is safe and secure and does not contain spyware, adware, or a virus. It does not gather and transmit your personal information, nor does it harm your computer. Its purpose is to be a tool to improve the speed, reliability, and efficiency for downloads and streams.

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What is Akamai NetSession Client ?
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