What is etd control center ?

I have an icon that comes up that says it is etd control center. When i try to click on it tells me that it is not responding. I cant find anything in help or windows on it.

What is etd control center

This is program from Elan Microelectronic Corp used for touchpad driver.

In most cases, the etdctrl.exe is an ETD Control Center application from ELAN Microelectronics Corp. – thsi applications is a touchpad solutions for notebooks, it enables the user the possibility to use multi-finger moves on the touch pad in a very similar way as in the smartphones screen, check more info on the project pages on http://www.emc.com.tw/eng/ap02_01_04_01_tps.asp – See more at: http://systemexplorer.net/file-database/file/etdctrl-exe#sthash.DFpITxnF.dpuf

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What is etd control center ?
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