What is superfetch ? And How to disable it ?

What is superfetch

Superfetch is a service in Windows that’s designed to speed up app launching by preloading certain apps based on your usage patterns.

However, it should not be maxing out your processor all the time. If it is slowing down your computer, you can try to disable it.

To disable superfetch

#Method 1 : Use services.msc

  1. Open the Start Menu.
  2. Type “services.msc” and hit Enter
  3. Look for Superfetch in the list and right-click it>PropertiesWhat is superfetch
  4. Set the startup type to disabled and click the Stop button to stop the service
  5. Click Ok

    #Method 2 : Use registry

  1. You hold Windows + “R” => Run.
  2. You type “Regedit“, then “Enter“.
  3. Registry Editor appears. You go “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > Session Manager > MemoryManagement > PrefetchParameters”
  4. You double click “EnableSuperfetch“. If this value does not exist , you right-click on the folder  “PrefetchParameters“, then you choose “New“> “DWORD Value“.How to disable superfetch
  5. “EnableSuperfetch” values :
    • 0: to disable Superfetch
    • 1: to enable prefetching when program is launched
    • 2: to enable boot prefetching
    • 3: to enable prefectching of everything
  6. You “OK“.
  7. You Close the Registry Editor.

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What is superfetch ? And How to disable it ?
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